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  • I've got an Inbred from the early 00s. I did ask O-O/Planet X if they could tell me exactly when it was from, but was not particularly enlightened. A trip to Bike Park Wales initially got me thinking about new bikes, but being the skinflint/tinkerer that I am, I decided instead to give this bike a makeover. It'll end up with another set of bottle bosses, better cable routing inc. a semi-internal dropper, a new paint job, and various parts serviced/cleaned/tightened/replaced as necessary. Staying with 26", qr wheels, 1x 10spd, a straight 1 1/8th headtube and Avid BB7s though, because they're all absolutely fine if not excellent.

    Today was brazing day, which I watched while someone with actual skills and knowledge did the brazing.

    So it's now time for a new powder coat, perhaps something between a racing/fern/apple green? Darker is good for practical reasons, and I think I will replace at least the downtube 'On-One' decals, maybe just with white outline lettering.

    Wish I knew how to order photos in a post.

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  • Pretty certain thats an Inbred 456 (designed for 4,5 or 6" travel forks) from about 2006. They added an extra gusset behind the headtube to cope with the longer forks. It was the first frame they did in pale blue.

    I had one. Think it was £599 for the complete bike at the time.


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