• Back in October I got the virus, as did my 3 teenage kids. Kids had various symptoms from backache to temperatures. They caught it at school and I was positive within 5 days or so of the first kid getting it. Cut a long story short I had severe pneumonia and spent 18 days in hospital. There were 2 of us males who were not vaccinated and the others were covered by the jabs. 3 men sadly died next to me over that time who had underlying conditions. The other guy who was not jabbed left 2 days before me.
    My system went into overdrive and my wife had the call to say things were serious. Much prayer went out from our church families and I’m thankful to say God answered and allowed me to recover and get home 4 days before my middle child’s birthday.
    My wife was triple jabbed as a healthcare worker and did not get it. However she has colleagues who have long Covid who were vaccinated.
    We, myself and 2 kids also got the first variant back in Early 2020, That was ok, just a pretty bad chest infection, son lost his taste and had glowing toes.
    So from my experience it was a wake up, not to take life for granted and sort out a load of stuff that I was putting off. It also reinforced how important and real my faith is. Oh and I lost 10 kg in that time, not in a good way so hoping to loos it again sensibly as I have put half that back on.
    I have been riding again for 3 weeks or so and my lungs seem to be getting stronger.
    Stay safe all. Blessings for 2022.

  • you appear to have left out the part where you realised you should get the jab because it can save your life more effectively than ceiling cat.


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