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  • Is there a resource that would help me spec out a laptop relatively pain free? The only machines I've bought for myself in the last 10 years have been work focused - simple word processing, Internet access, 'basic' and any gaming has been on a console.

    I now want to look at getting a new laptop that's better specced, but I feel SO far behind the times in terms of what a 'decent' graphics card is, or how much RAM is appropriate/neccessary.

    Where should I be turning to first?!

  • What's your budget?
    What do you want to do on the laptop? I.e. 90% browsing but 10% watching videos.

    Regardless of budget, if you mention encoding videos or gaming you would always get more bang for buck with a desktop.

  • Budget isn't set in stone, but less than £1k and ideally closer to £500. If that's reasonable?

    Majority of time would be general browsing, odd bit of YouTube etc (no need to watch movies). Some basic word processing and spreadsheets - but nothing processor heavy (and no specialist programmes for work either).

    Some gaming capabilities would be nice - strategy/simulator games ideally (given a console isn't ideal) - Cities: Skylines, HOI4, PCM(!)

    Is a desktop the way to go instead?

    @clipon thank you too!


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