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  • sorry - as ever - for the delay ...thanks for the prompt!

    I did message/asked on mods if there was a way to setup affiliate links or similar, so members clickthrough for discount + a £% to LFGSS. Affiliate links have bee disabled for a while, so if anyone can suggest anything else, I'd be grateful. I'd like a way to ensure it's LFGSS'ers and out of reach of spiders/bots collating for wonky discount sites, plus a way to give back to running costs.

    Forummers who unmasked themselves at the popup got 10%, so here's a checkout discount code for the same until I can sort something else out; LFGSS10

    There will be some discounts in Jan, afraid I haven't got visibility on what, apart from it won't include those lovely new Zoa jackets.

  • Had been dithering on the insulated zoa for a while. Appreciate the code as that's sealed the deal. Excited to try it out in a no doubt unseasonably warm January.


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