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  • I've just looked at OSR's description on mending tubs, and it's pretty good, but 'd like to add a couple of points.

    1. After a repair there's often a kink left in the tub because your stitching doesn't quite match the original machine stitching. This can be reduced (or even cured) by marking a series of lines in ink (of any sort) across the original stitching before you start cutting. When you re-sew, these lines should be kept together so that the original shape of the tyre can be retained..

    2. When sewing, use a pencil (or similar) to push the tube away from your needle - this will help to avoid sewing the tube to the pocket !

    3. Repaired tubs are never going to be as good as new. They are essential as spares and fine for club events, but for that 'special'day when you really hope to do a p.b. or win on road or track, you need perfect tyres.

    4. Perfect tyres: preferably silk, but only if it's dry - wet is death to silks! For this reason you need more than one pair of racing wheels.
      Also, do not stick your good tyres on the night before you race - I can't fully explain this, but it seems (from the experience of many other people) that newly fitted tubs are more prone to puncturing. This is another reason for needing more wheels - but they don't need to be fabulously expensive because you will have your best wheels for perfect days and second best for wet and doubtful days.

    Finally, going back to the original question, tubs cannot be left indefinitely on the rim without re-glueing. The rim cement eventually dries out and becomes brittle - therefore the tubs need removing and re- cementing every so often. One year may be ok, but beyond that they need attention. Remember also that it's no good having the base tape stuck to the rim if the base tape isn't stuck to the tub!


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