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  • Rather than start a new thread ... thought I'd add to this one to convert to a general tubular maintenance thread...

    Can anyone offer help to sort out some tubs of mine?

    It's a long and boring story as to the whys and wherefores... but in essence I'd like the guidance of someone with experience of unstitching/restitching tubs to salvage a tyre in which I've inadvertently damaged the latex inner. TBH they are not removable cores anyway so I'd like to do both, though only one is losing air.

  • …someone with experience of unstitching/restitching tubs…

    Good luck finding someone with that experience that’s young enough to have the eyesight and dexterity to do it anymore.

  • someone with that experience that’s young enough

    hah yeah good point. Might just have to get on with it and see what happens.


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