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  • Ah, a question as old as time...

    The right bike is the one you have under you when you leave Glasgow. :)

    We got around on gravel bikes with tyres from 45mm to 54mm. I'm certain we could've ridden slightly more of the steeper stuff with a mountain bike with lower gears and we could smashed over or through a few more of the drains and bigger puddles/streams with a mountain bike but getting off and walking was such a non-issue I wouldn't have bought new MTBs for such a trip. Also, probably would've increased (my) chances of crashing on an MTB because I'd hit everything harder expecting the suspension or tyres to soak it up and speed outweighs skill for me. MTBs probably would've made packing tent etc a little bit easier, if we both had bar rolls.

    So, if you have a gravel bike, ride that. If you have an MTB, ride that. Clear as mud?

  • Ha just seen this, think you got your 1st tubeless issue just next to inn deep, which is popular with the fixie beer crowd, those WTB are no match for Glasgows glassy streets. Think its October you did that just before Solstice so just about on the 12/12 daylight situation, you guys managed it in the 7 days without breaking into darkness OK? Might have a stab of it riding S>N in spring


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