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  • The best part is going 20mph and it's terrifying

    Beware that soon you’ll be going 40 before it’s terrifying, until you stack it at 30 and then all of a sudden 15mph is terrifying again. Ha!

    Yep, I do still have the Sherco. I stopped using it while my crash leg healed, and then only maybe once before the Camino to avoid additional injuries pre-trip.

    As I remember, I need to pull the carb and give it a clean as well as check the plug, check the air filter, and stop being a cheapskate and buy new clutch fluid as well. I have no idea what I’m doing both on the bike and in the shed, so it’s a pleasure the thing still kicks over.

    The little ditch by the house was getting boring, and then the weather turned and it flooded with water and became so slippery I was totally out of my depth all over again.

  • Think I mentioned but did hit 40mph on a greenlane once and felt like I was momentarily leading the Dakar. Terrifying and quickly knocked it back to a heady 20. Remember us talking about the practicalities of riding a trials bike on the road a while back, saw this and made me smile.


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