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  • Plotted a route with OsmAnd through darkest Bedfordshire and paired with the new quadlock it all worked great. Only issue was draining my phone's battery but think that was my fault for leaving the app running all day. It even allowed me to plot routes through byways which for greenlaning is kind of the whole point. Ta for the tip.

  • So, now you’re hooked? Not sorry at all!

    I haven’t touched the DR for a couple of months.

    First I needed to try sort the pumper carb again (again). There was an idling issue so I didn’t touch it for a few weeks to clear my head. Then I went away for 3 weeks.

    Plus, as I’ve just returned from walking the Camino Portugues, none of the bikes have been run for well over a month (I avoided bikes for the week or two before leaving). Gonna be a fun cold December getting them to run well again.


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