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  • As much as I love this machine, I’ve just got a new m1 Mac Mini for work and this is just going to end up gathering dust and taking up space.

    Mid 2010 Mac Pro - 2 x 2.4 ghz quad-core
    Currently got all the ram slots filled to a total of 48gb (you can fit more in with bigger ram modules)

    Its got an upgraded graphics card:
    A Radeon RX 560 4gb
    (I’ll include the OG card too)
    And it’s had its firmware upgraded so it can run up to Mojave, which is installed.

    It’s currently got a 1tb drive (the boot disc) and a 2tb drive. The 2tb is super slow for some reason, but I’ll leave it in there anyway. I do have a spare 256gb SSD which I could be persuaded to part with will include. Regardless I’d really recommend popping an SSD in here to run the OS - makes a huge difference. You can chuck 2 in really easily, under the superdrive.

    I also put a 4x usb 3.0 pci card in, so you can plug all the things in to it.

    Can’t think what other details to impart, but ask and I shall provide. I’ll follow up with some pics, but basically it looks like a 2010 Mac Pro, right?

    I’m in Bristol and it weighs a tonne so collection only for now.

    Let’s start at £350
    This feels reasonable, looking at other Similar machines out there, but do pipe up if I’m way off.

    £350 - £325 - £300 - £290 - £280


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