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  • London to Leeds - anyone know if they have one bike store like Avanti or if it's that shithouse GWR setup with a couple of useless hanging spots in a couple of carriages?

    LNER I'm talking about - what's their bike carrying like?

  • When Virgin were running the LNER they just had like Sheffield stands in the hood for your bike. In the new trains they've got two of those stupid cupboard with the corner doors, when I arrived with my mountain bike the tyre wouldn't fit in the hook, even with all the air let out, and the handlebars were too wide, and they're supposed to fit two bikes. In the end I just hung it with a cable tie on the wheel, and a cable tie on the brake lever to stop it from moving round.

  • I just got back from Bristol on one of those shit GWR trains with the corner cupboards. Did manage to find a way to fit out bikes after much swearing. We'd be fucked if we had gravel tyres or slightly deeper rims on the bikes. Also, fucked if I'd put an expensive bike in one of those things.


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