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  • Thanks a lot, I'll exclusively be using it for trail riding so feels like there's another layer of potential complication here. After learning a little more about the TRF seems joining to get full access to their 'Green Road Map' would be a good start to have the best chance of riding legally.

  • The legality of it is what’s pissing me off. The new bill passed is a fucking Orwellian nightmare.
    This app seems to get really good reviews btw.

    In another shout, thinking of getting rid of the tiger for a tenere 700. Bastards don’t depreciate much though do they

  • Plotted a route with OsmAnd through darkest Bedfordshire and paired with the new quadlock it all worked great. Only issue was draining my phone's battery but think that was my fault for leaving the app running all day. It even allowed me to plot routes through byways which for greenlaning is kind of the whole point. Ta for the tip.


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