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  • I wouldn’t stress about your air filter too much dude. As long as it’s not dry and dusty, or you’ve dumped it in a stream it should stay pretty clean. Make sure there is a good seal around the edges when you put it back.

    Did the valves on the XR today, barely budged in a thousand hard miles. Plug was a little sooty which makes sense as it seems rich on the needle. Compression seems fine. Fucked if I know where all the oil is going, could well be it was just blowing it out somewhere at high rpm?

  • Thanks for the reassurance, just like to service the basics on a new bike so everything's been done correctly for peace of mind.

    Thanks to black Friday targeted ads I picked up a quad lock, but wanted to ask what people use for plotting routes? Normally I use google maps like the majority of the world but keen to try something where I can plot the route turn by turn. Does this means I've entered the world of .gpx files?


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