• I was equally frustrated with the lack of information on this front, I don't have extensive knowledge but this is my experience: Of the two rear lights I've bought one came with and one came without a wire. In both cases I needed double wire. One of the bikes has spade connectors on one side and didn't need them on the other, the other bike didn't need spade connectors on either side. Of the lights I've seen all of them would have worked with spade connectors and 3/4 worked without.

  • Glad to hear I'm not the only one struggling with this stuff!

    Annoyingly, it appears that I've snipped the cables for the rear light clean off my front light... so I probably need to buy a new front light as well.

    The range of B&M front lights that have almost exactly the same names (but have minutely differing functions) is the most dyslexia-inducing nonsense I've ever come across, and is giving the research I did about wiring systems a real run for it's money... Peter White is the only man on earth who appears to have got his head around it all. He needs to get out more, but I'm happy he doesn't.

    On the plus side, I now have a front light for Josephine, and therefore a legitimate excuse to start thinking about shiny new dynamo wheels.


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