• Whilst this is back up, here's a photo of the build so far....

    Aside from the stem, there are a few other issues:

    • The wheels have somehow gone out of true so I need to get them sorted.
    • One of the DT shifters also got squashed out of shape, which I only noticed when I tried to put them back on. Had a spare in the box but have a feeling it's in the box because it's already knackered. Seems to work for now but might need replacing.
    • The bottom bracket has developed a nasty creaking noise since I washed it with soapy water... and the plastic non-driveside cup got a bit mangled when I was putting it in. Need to unscrew it and have a proper look, but it is about 30 years old so maybe it's time to replace it anyway.
    • I think I need to move the front light back a bit so it doesn't flop about and snap the mudguard (which is what happened to the Varonha after a few weeks of bumpy roads).

    Otherwise, I think it's coming together quite nicely:

  • It kind of is the Evans fork - Winston reused the blades (you can still see some red if you look closely), and I think even managed to reuse the crown on someone else's bike.


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