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  • Awesome, looks great. What are you using for the plates?

    Only thing i would suggest is make the dummy axle holding section release horizontally, so you can slide that assembly back out of the way without moving the frame or the bb height once its tacked together. Looks awesome tho. Also if you have bikecad there is already dimensions built into the software to setup a vertical headtube jig, i did not know this and spent ages making a spreadsheet to do all the trigonometry before i realised.

  • Thank you! The plates are pieces of 10mm (or 3/8") thick aluminium - I've designed the fixture around available sizes so there shouldn't be too much involved in getting stuff to fit.

    The axle is free to move back and down when you undo the fixing screw - so the frame is can pivot around the BB. Or I can release the QR clamps holding the dummy axle support and it'll slide up out of the way if I want to keep the frame in place.

    Good tip on bikecad - I haven't used it for a few years so it's nice to know I can get that info from there. I plan on modelling the frames in Fusion 360 before making anything anyway, so I can extract those numbers pretty easily anyway.

  • so the frame is can pivot around the BB

    I have found this hard to achieve in reality because the headtube pinches the the head tube holder (worse after tacking) and doesnt want to release in the arc that pivoting around the bb allows. Because the headtube wants to come off perpendicular to the holder, but can only move along an arc. However it depends on how close a fit you have that head tube holder inside the headtube.


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