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  • Wondering if someone can help me.

    I have a small video production company and have just finished a ground-up rebrand. I would like to send around an email to our existing client list, informing them of the rebrand - "we were X, we are now Y" etc - a 1 pager explainer really. I'd like it to have:

    A coloured background and coloured text, utilizing brand colours
    Brand logo placement
    Text copy
    Embedded YT/ Vimeo link of showreel

    I've done some digging and the best thing to use would be a HTML email/ e-newsletter of sorts? I've had a muck around with a few email marketing services that allow you to edit templates but they all have a limited font choice. The closest I've come to getting what I want was actually with Canva. However, I am using a font from a local designer that nobody else will have it. Is it true that HTML emails require the recipient to have the font of the email installed, or that the font choice for HTML emails is quite limited?

    Any steer here would be greatly appreciated. Or even to tell me I'm barking up the wrong tree with this HTML email malarky and that there is a better method to use.

  • If you've got a niche font, you'll typically end up using it in a banner and providing alt text to describe what is in for those people using plain text email.


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