• Time to clear out a few wheelsets no longer needed. I have one wheel box only so can post one of these sets potentially, otherwise/ideally collection from SW/central London, though I may be able to meet you halfway.

    Kinlin Xr-26T rims on PMP hubs - £190 was 200

    Great hubs, have a few sets of them. Nice, super tough aluminium (DCR wheels claims they have very high quality bearings and special mud protection too). Look great. the Kinlin 26ts are in good condition, no real visible wear to the brake tracks, so they should last a while. 20 front, 32 rear (so saving a bit of weight at the front where you can, but strength in the rear where it matters). Sapim D-Light spokes. 10sp hub, I can throw a cassette in for an extra £25. No tyres/tubes with it, but shout if you're interested in these. Rim tape inc.

    Nisi Piste (200g) Tubular rims on Miche Primato Fixed rims - £165 was 175

    Have been saving this for a hillclimb build that never quite materialised. Ridiculously light tubular rims, come in several flavours, these being the 200g version (at least that’s what the bit of paper said that came with them)! 28h, single sided fixed Miche Primato hubs. I think DT Comp spokes, but can't be sure. Barely ridden since they’ve been built. Hard to price, as these are so rare. A bit of glue residue as you might expect.

    Ambrosio Excellence rims on Campagnolo Record hubs - SOLD £145 was 150

    Good solid wheelset, fairly unremarkable but eg Malcolm Borg at CycleClinic still rates these as one of the best hubs going. Rims are fairly classic, but solid. Good for a more traditional build, or you can always be swapped out for something wider if you feel like it. Again, no tyres/tubes but rim tape included. Can't recall the rim wear, but certainly not obviously concave.

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