• Hi, I don’t want to sabotage the thread but I recently bought the 44t force xplr mech for just over £220 brand new with a warranty. For the record I don’t like the retailer ‘bikeinn’ but I didn’t have a problem with my purchase.

    It might be worth doing some price checking while taking into account the fact there’s either no warranty or a tenuous warranty if you let the buyer claim anything through you in the future.

  • The warranty is provided by manufacturer so item still has warranty and would be handled by the distributor, Zyrofisher.

    Also BikeInn is in Spain and importing items over £135 will command 4.5% duty and 20% vat as well as postage costs. I know this as I have bought items from Bikeinn and incurred these charges.

    So my price stands as I did check all these details before I came up with my price.

  • (no comment on the pricing, but there's no duty on imports from Spain, just 20% import VAT)

  • so item still has warranty and would be handled by the distributor, Zyrofisher

    It’s maybe worth pointing out to folk if your going to provide the original receipt. Any warranty claim with zyro needs proof of purchase.

    I’m all for folk getting the best price for their gear but there’s not much incentive to pay retail prices to you over buying from a retailer.
    The rival xplr is available from sigma for less than your asking price. Link

    I’d be interested in the rival xplr mech pending whether it comes with its original receipt or not.