• Hi, I don’t want to sabotage the thread but I recently bought the 44t force xplr mech for just over £220 brand new with a warranty. For the record I don’t like the retailer ‘bikeinn’ but I didn’t have a problem with my purchase.

    It might be worth doing some price checking while taking into account the fact there’s either no warranty or a tenuous warranty if you let the buyer claim anything through you in the future.

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  • The warranty is provided by manufacturer so item still has warranty and would be handled by the distributor, Zyrofisher.

    Also BikeInn is in Spain and importing items over £135 will command 4.5% duty and 20% vat as well as postage costs. I know this as I have bought items from Bikeinn and incurred these charges.

    So my price stands as I did check all these details before I came up with my price.