• Just sold a Red derailleur. Panicked when I got the 'your item sold' email because it had a US address in it. Turns out it's a US registered account but they want me to send it to an address in Whitechapel.

    OK fine. But. The eBay account appears to be registered to a dentist in California. The person I'm supposed to be sending it to in Whitechapel is clearly not the same person (totally different name).

    Seems fishy. Presuming I get paid, will I be protected if I send it to the address they've given me? It will be going signed for.

  • Was it expensive?

    If you'd got someone's account details you'd more likely buy some £300 thing that can be resold for cash I presume, not a used derailleur for £20

    Take a lot of pictures I suppose

  • £42, so nope. And that makes sense - you'd buy a new Red mech for £300 odd wouldn't you.

    They've both got Thai names, just clearly different Thai names, so quite possibly a gift I suppose @Oliver Schick - just not a scenario I've encountered before.

    I think you're covered seller protection wise if you post it to the address they specify, and I'll have proof when it's signed for, so...


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