• I've got a spare 1x10 groupset which I'm trying to use as much as possible of on a frame I bought recently on here (Kona Sutra). I've quickly hit the limits of my knowledge when it comes to the cranks/BB. The old frame the groupset came off has a 68mm BB shell. The new frame has a 73mm BB shell. I assumed I'd need to sort out a new BB but realising the cranks (SRAM Rival) may also not be compatible as the spindle may not be long enough. The BB is GXP but I don't know any more detail than that (and there's no sign of any spacers from previous build). Does anyone have any words of wisdom on whether I'll be able to use either the BB or cranks on this build? Cheers!

  • You’ll find out pretty quickly if you can’t use them :)

    I haven’t worked with these cranks for ages but I suspect it’s a no - the axle length is specific to 68mm bbs.


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