• I had an R 80 gs years ago then an 1150 gs , but they and their modern day versions are everywhere.. no doubt popular because they are so capable .
    But I want a characterful retro style naked ( I can add a little fairing) that will take the occasional pillion and perhaps take me on a gentleman’s paced euro tour .
    I want it all , I know .
    That royal Enfield gets great reviews and I love a twin , but I’ve never had a parallel, any experience of one on here , my mate in Spain loves his

  • Had a bonneville (t100 centenary) years back, really liked it. Put a screen on it and took it to Germany a couple of times (including Nurburgring ) had one really great run back on a nice sunny Sunday. They make quite a good tourer if you’re not caning it.
    Can’t say I noticed anything in particular about the parallel twin.
    Had a few boxers (r100gs, couple of r1100rs) liked them but wouldn’t be in any rush to go back to them, just found them a bit too cumbersome for man handling around my front garden parking and also weaving in urban stuff and that would be exacerbated now by the generally shitty traffic in Sw London .

    Only ever had one guzzi a v50, - swapped it for a bottle of vodka - I got the better half of the deal