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  • I recently got myself a Fluidisk (sourced locally, had a great talk to the dude letting it go) to tinker on, absolutely not neccessary but luckily that's not the question in this forum :)
    I'm still in need of a crack pipe adaptor, a fresh tire, and look more into the realm of russian kevlar discs. my version came without lockring thread, but I found pics where there are lockring threads on rear wheels. So, the hub internals have to be interchangeable a la Mavic 3G or similar?
    edit: big thanks to @Sig_Arlecchino for pointing out the offer!

  • Is that a Road one that has had the axel swapped? Have a first gen Hed disc that is just like this that is respaced to 120 width

  • I asked BigH about this, and apparently this is a OG track disc, with no lockring threads. The possibility of this being a road one is very slim, as the seller had this disc from the Velodrome in Frankfurt Oder from a national team rider. Another mate told me that early campy discs were without lockring thread too.
    Some road ones were retapped to accept a lockring, but they have wider threads that have enough space on them to to this, whereas the track wheels usually have space for one cog and thats it.


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