• Yes, it's you're correct - my blue Gillott is fairly close, and that's with 23 mm tyres.

    But you can't really draw inferences from one frame to another just because they've got the same transfers! Many of these frames were built to order, and the customer would probably specify how much clearance he (or she - I believe mine was built for a woman) wanted.

    I hope you've read my posts to Settle and Falconvitesse above on this page. Certainly Gillott frames were excellent, but there were plenty of other good builders and so far as I can see there are still plenty of unrestored frames about.

    I think it's better from the riding point of view (and that is what a bike's for, after all) to have something that you're satisfied meets your particulat needs, rather than a particular brand. If you could ask Arthur Gillott himself, I'm confident he would agree with that.

  • Thanks for your very helpful reply. The seller very kindly gave me the background to the bike - it was built for a woman too. She delivered the post and this was her winter training bike.

    The seller communicates really well and I could certainly do business with him. But you are right, the bike should fit properly and meet my needs. And there are other good builders. I've admired others too.

    Maybe better to sit this one out.


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