• Hi there,

    I have long wanted a Gillott as my main bike to use. Been something of a dream and have been checking ebay daily. That lovely green frame has just popped up and I was wondering if I could ask you fellow fans with more technical experience than I: would a 26" wheel frame allow 27" wheels and mudguards? If so whats the mac tyre width that could fit - 28 or 32?

    Would really appreciate anyone's help!

  • While I'm here......

    I looked at that ad for the green Gillott and it struck me that it is probably for 27" wheels. I would certainly want to check that.

    27's don't come in metric widths - they're usually one and a quarter inches. 26" wheel frames generally take 700's comfortably, but it's not possible to say whay size 700 without seeing the frame. I've got an ancient frame which has plenty of clearance for 28mm, but I'd never want to go bigger than that, so I've no knowledge on the maximum possible.


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