• I'm trying to view some super old scripts I wrote on final draft back in 97. I've tried to open them in final draft 9 and 11, and both don't recognize the file or the format, when I view them now, they are displayed as exec or Unix executable files.
    Probably something to do with the movement of macs from some processor to another which now means I can't view old files. I've managed to get back the old word documents, but the final draft scripts are currently unreadeable.
    Anyone have any ideas about how I can make them readable again?
    Let me know

  • The final drafts are word files? Google docs may open it. Have you tried simply copying the file and changing the file name. Ie finaldraft.txt

    I rember this working for simple files long shot I know. Good luck

  • Had word files alongside the final draft ones in the same folders. Word documents for characters and treatments/synopsis, final draft ones for the actual scripts themselves, and I’ve downloaded libreoffice and it’s able to read the word ones, but not the final draft ones.


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