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  • Just looked at it again.

    I've modded folders before using a 1" threadless headset loaded with the of topnut.

    The mpart headset cups push on with almost no resistance by hand.

    I bought the headset on here I think it originally shipped with both crown races. I'm not so bothered about the crown race as I could use a split race?

    The cups are the issue I think. Not sure the 0.2mm extra an ISO cup might give will be enough to hold it.

    I could jbweld the cups i have in place I suppose. It's only an old Dawes kingpin but I'd rather do it properly. I may still have the original cups. Guess it's possible I flared the headtube removing them.

    @brokenbetty thanks the hub is stamped 86-4

  • a flared head tube usually happens as a result of riding with a loose, or ill fitted, headset for a long period. i've had good results using metal epoxy with headcups, i'd recommend that route :-)
    i think 'split' races can only be used with sealed bearing units bit im happy to be told otherwise


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