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  • My 70s/80s Dawes kingpin refurb is in need of a kickstart. ( Haven't checked the year on the hub yet)

    I stalled at the headset previously.

    Bought a mpart headset but the cups were too small for the frame. I could easily push them in by hand.

    Can you tell from that what headset I need?
    Iirc @brokenbetty had a unexpected headset sizing on hers

    I'm using an mpart headset. Sjs suggests cups are 30.0mm I need iso cups.
    Thank s

  • hi james, the jis/iso should only be a (noticeable) issue with the crown race. 1" cups are pretty much universal in my experience.
    was there a headset on the frame when you got it? possibly headtube flare. callipers are best tool to know for sure, as others have mentioned. hope that helps


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