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  • I had a feeling you might appreciate the customised seat :D Main reason to replace the rear fender was water getting into the wiring and grotting out the subframe when riding in the rain or washing the bike.

  • Ah okay. I’d have taped the underside and plugged from the top with some grommets. But then, I prefer to leave the rough parts on the bike!

    My stand that supports the DR is one of these. I still need to use a brick under a wheel to raise the bike enough to wedge and position it underneath.

    It’s survived some abuse but can feel a little bit on the weak end of the confidence inspiration scale. Mine came through the mechanics, rather than 24MX. All the same stuff from China with a badge on.

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  • I did buy some grommets for the drilled rear fender but couldn't sleep at night. Fully aware about the levels of tartyness here, it's a way of life. That Proworks stand is exactly what I'm after, not a bad price too.


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