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  • Great!

    Apart from the seat, I’m surprised you fitted new panels. I’m of the mind to abuse the modified, and keep the new fresh for if you ever need to replace them (ie sell). That way your first few scratches don’t damage the new panels.

    I made my Sherco stand half-drunk, and fluxcore wired some steel together with the mig, then popped a piece of wood and foam on top. Your woodwork looks a lot more beautiful.

    Main piece of advice, make a little wedge-ramp, or two, around the height of a brick. This is what I use with the DR even with a proper little stand. I pop the front/back wheel onto a brick, then slide the stand underneath.

  • I had a feeling you might appreciate the customised seat :D Main reason to replace the rear fender was water getting into the wiring and grotting out the subframe when riding in the rain or washing the bike.

  • Ah okay. I’d have taped the underside and plugged from the top with some grommets. But then, I prefer to leave the rough parts on the bike!

    My stand that supports the DR is one of these. I still need to use a brick under a wheel to raise the bike enough to wedge and position it underneath.

    It’s survived some abuse but can feel a little bit on the weak end of the confidence inspiration scale. Mine came through the mechanics, rather than 24MX. All the same stuff from China with a badge on.


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