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  • Progress on a few fronts recently. The new workshop roof is now on so pleased that's watertight before winter sets in. Did have to do a small bit of pointing with the bricks but it's looking a lot better. Just need to decide whether it's more beneficial to insulate the roof or walls so will do more reading. Tempted to do the roof so we don't lose too much space inside and it's cheaper.

    May have got slightly carried away but the workbench is finally finished. I'm sure it won't stay this tidy for long but loved having the space and time to do the best job I could. Turns out my woodwork skills are very rusty!

    Just a little project but made a motocross style stand as realised I didn't have anything for bikes without swingarm bobbins. Means I can finally clean the chain although could do with making it a smidge taller. Lifting the bike onto the stand was far from easy, even after watching YouTube tutorials so think I'll eventually spend the £4o and buy something that goes up and down.

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  • Just need to decide whether it's more beneficial to insulate the roof or walls so will do more reading.

    Those Ali Dimock (sp?) videos on YouTube are great for this sort of info.

    Iirc insulating the roof is the most efficient as hot air rises, but the walls are the largest surface area - so actually make more difference. However, that's obviously more expensive as you'll use more materials...and you're starting with brick anyway.

    Also consider your reason(s) for insulating. If it's to have the space warmer when you're in there, the truth is that in that size space a quick blast from an electric heater will probably warm it enough. And while it may be relatively expensive on electricity, it'll take a long time to pay off the saving you get from a full insulation job.

    My equivalent has a reinforced concrete roof, so that's comparatively OK, and I find it manageable. As yours are tiles, I'd be tempted to just do the roof. Also cause if you do the walls you've got to do the windows too.


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