• I had the same after I won a bike, paid via Paypal (it was last year) and collected in person. On collection, the buyer asked me to mark the item as received, and I was able to do so.

    Log in and go to My eBay, then Purchase History, click on the item, then 'more actions'. You should then get a drop down menu where you can 'mark as received'.

  • Turns out now when you get confirmation of purchase they send you a QR code that the seller should scan when you collect.

    All a bit too complex for someone like me.

  • The collecting buyers QR code also has a 6 digit number underneath it you can key in somewhere. It was introduced to stop the scam: buyer pays by paypal-collect-buyer saying wasnt them that collected-paypal (not ebay) siding with buyer.

    I have never worked out where you type the number in tho' and dont have the app on my phone to scan the QR code.