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  • Does anyone have a recommendation for a planning consultant specialising in/with connections to Waltham Forest?

    We’ve just had what I assumed to be a dead-cert Permitted Development ground floor extension application rejected, and I fear we may need to re-submit under full planning.

    Need a set of professional eyes to go over the plans and advise...

  • You still need to apply for PD? I assumed, naively, that you just crack on and build and notify building control if required. Although I was looking in relation to outhouses.

  • It’s good practice to get a Lawful Development Certificate before starting so you have something to wave around later if someone queries the planning status.

  • This is under the new ‘Tory-plus’ larger home extension guise of PD, which requires prior approval and neighbour consultation, but means that we can in theory fill in the entirety of our 3m x 6m side-return.