• Decided to panic some more, then some more, until I panic bought an alternative in a different colour.

    1st seller just messaged to say they were ill and would send asap.

    Haven't yet paid the 2nd seller yet as I had a collection question... currently in the moral dilemma of whether to be a grade-A cunt and pull out, or offer the gift recipient the choice of colours, then try and sell at breakeven.

  • Cancel the first one - it’s beyond the delivery time and they haven’t even posted it. This kind of seller will just dick you around. Raise a dispute imo and get it refunded quick. Then collect the second.

  • Seconded, if you think the second seller will be quicker and equal quality.

  • Should have done this as the bag was not well received, brought up loads of grief and I'm now reselling it. Which brings me on to my next question...


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