• I've dealt on multiple occasions with Guardian journalists with a sloppy approach. They make mistakes (then it's almost impossible to get them corrected), they do things like leave a voicemail on a clearly unattended phone line then tell you they've asked you for comment (any decent news organisation persists in asking for comment if they don't initially get a response, asking twice is an absolute minimum, and I'm talking about when press officer's details are a quick google away), they misspell names, get job titles and facts wrong...

    Honestly I can't remember many specifics as I try to do as little PR as possible these days and manage people who do instead because I got sick of it and I've tried to block a lot of it out! But is your disagreeing based on working in the media? Because there are a lot of people who read the Guardian and think it's great but unless you've been involved behind the scenes the mediocrity of their journalism isn't as apparent.

    I now work for a (left wing) university and so many academics want to be in the Guardian. They're a nightmare to pitch to as well, they run so much stuff based on personal contacts which is ironic because surely that lack of meritocracy goes against everything they stand for?!

  • surely that lack of meritocracy goes against everything they stand for

    Has the left wing socialist version of the Guardian that exists in RW heads ever existed? It certainly hasn’t in my lifetime.

    It’s always been a newspaper by and for comfortable middle class people.

  • Honestly I don't know, I don't read it cos I like my news impartial ;)

    Getting this thread back on track, I got a text for my flu jab this morning. Called up the doctors to make an appointment and said when's the soonest you can do, they said Saturday or Sunday in London Fields (doctors is in Homerton). OK weird but went for Saturday afternoon.

    As soon as I got off the phone got a text from the surgery offering my booster jab at the same time, so now I'm getting both.

    Is this how it works now? Seems weirdly unproactive compared to first two jabs.

    But is this how they're doing it? Relying on people to call up their GP?


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