• DBAD comment about SE having better options than Bedgebury (which is very convenient for me, what with churros and coffee) - what are the alternative recommendations?

  • I'm sure it's fine for a little spin if you live nearby but it would take @amey just over an hour to drive there, and roughly the same to Dorking. The Surrey Hills are SO MUCH BETTER.

  • I am similarly relatively local to Bedgebury and have enjoyed it on numerous occasions. I’m not technically gifted though, so I never felt I needed a more technical challenge. Surrey clearly has the goods but sod driving on the m25 just to go cycling.

    Depending on what you’re after and where you are there is an impressively dense collection of bridle paths on the ridge between igtham and Sevenoaks (and beyond to limpsfield) which are fun to explore, but not technical at all.

    I’ve always heard bluebell hill mentioned, outside Maidstone, but have never worked out how to access the trails that are there.


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