• Can be hard sometimes to get back into cycling after so long, anybody that will go with you or encourage?

    Even leaving the houses with COVID being with us then lockdowns easing can cause anxiety (People!! Traffic!!! Noise!!!) so it's all pretty normal.

    Not cycling for a bit actually helped my anxiety weirdly enough as near misses always bum me out for ages. When I went back all the nervousness around those faded.

  • That's interesting to hear. Yes I've felt invincible riding between buses etc when I've been back on my bike. Since buses a bit more visible and predictable threat than a microscopic particle.

    Have seen a few photos of bikes totalled by left turning vehicles too so need to keep alert, the old threats are still there. But the payoff from cycling in terms of endorphins, fitness, and just greater engagement with the external world, is thankfully all still there too!


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