• A guardian journalist exposed the Windrush scandal.

    Well these are not ideal times, nasty virus, climate change... Not so strange to be anxious. Take care and all that, the depression threat on this forum may be helpful to vent?

    I do read it, though I avoid newspapers that boil my piss as I regular turn the air blue walking past the newspaper stand in the spar.

    Last time I watched the news Cameron was on and my poor TV got a rage of expletives so that was that ;)

  • Thanks. Best thing I could do is really get back into cycling! 2019 and before I was cycling 50-100 miles a week around London and now I'm not I can see that it really did me good. I should stop reading stolen bike thread, bike jacking threads, etc, as a justification for staying indoors / on phone.

  • Can be hard sometimes to get back into cycling after so long, anybody that will go with you or encourage?

    Even leaving the houses with COVID being with us then lockdowns easing can cause anxiety (People!! Traffic!!! Noise!!!) so it's all pretty normal.

    Not cycling for a bit actually helped my anxiety weirdly enough as near misses always bum me out for ages. When I went back all the nervousness around those faded.


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