• i'm sure this has been covered before on here but cldn't find a thread w/ recommendations.....

    i need to send a bike- looks like DPD etc won't take 'em as too big. i can get a box form LBS so don't need a deal w/ box etc.

    sendbike.com are saying around £114 w/ insurance up to £1000 but they'll give me "a deal" of £95 if i book it in today.

    i've heard bad things about paisley freight. bikedelivery.co.uk are the same people with a diff name/website but same address.

    any suggestions?

  • It might help with saying where you are in the UK.
    I only use a parcel delivery company which is close to me in Essex and found that small business's are better.

  • There are limits to the size of the box that companies will take, I can't remember exactly what they are but if you can cut it down to fit within those dimensions then they should take it. Might be a matter of taking the forks out but there should be a way to make it fit with smart packing and padding. A standard detail bike box has tons of unused room because they have to fit all sizes of bikes so cut it down and rebuild.

    DPD says
    Door 2 Door UK Services

    Max weight: 30 kg
    Max girth (length + width + height): 230cm
    Max length: 100cm


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