• Sorry to derail the thread here but am I right in saying that those P2 forks fit the old Orange P7 frames? I’ve got a circa 2001 P7 which I’m trying to find a relatively cheap rigid fork to replace the original and dicey suspension one

  • hmmm, ottomh I'm gonna say - all the 90s p7s have 1" headsets, I /think/ by 2001 they have 1-1/8" headsets, but have you checked? next question - what travel do the existing suspension forks have? in rough numbers, on the 90s p7 setups (rigid-only) the forks were about 390mm long, then they went up to 410mm for 40mm suspension forks, eventually up to 440mm for 100mm suspension forks by 2005. So if your frame has 40mm suspension forks, a 1-1/8" headset & a headtube about 90mm long then these p2 forks would work. Although I sold them months ago...

    Lots of stuff on retrobike about this era, e.g. https://www.retrobike.co.uk/threads/what­-does-suspension-corrected-mean.375395/


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