• What happens when you're left with a tiny slither of tile at the bottom of a wall? I think I'm gonna have this issue, what would a tiler do? Make multiple slivers out of one tile or would they only use the edges of the tile so you only get a max of two out of each tile?

    Does that make sense? I only ask because it's going to considerably affect how many tiles I buy...

  • Don’t think they would sliver up one tile - cut edges at top or bottom of runs are usually hidden by mastic or Caulk. One tile could make two slivers tho - ie. two sub half tiles - with cut edges to the floor

  • Sometimes they also cut the top one as well, if that makes sense?

    That way instead of one tiny sliver at the bottom, you have a medium cut tile at the top and at the bottom. It makes it look more symmetrical and less obvious. Depends on the tiles though.

    The other option is having some sort of thin contrast tile. Assuming you have a few of inches rather than a cm.


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