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  • the athlete as 100% individually accountable to be a flawed philosophy. Particularly for professional athletes

    Why "particularly"? I'd say the opposite, that the fact of being a pro makes it particularly important that an athlete should refuse any treatment about which he has even the slightest question.

  • Including bidons? Do they ensure a new tub of massage cream is opened in front of them or perhaps they should purchase it themselves?
    My opinion is professional athletes and indeed the more successful are required to delegate and entrust more than amateurs. I’d suggest your point highlights this exact paradox.

  • There are two different issues here, the question of whether you trust your staff to give you the things you've consented to, and the question of whether you trust their judgement when recommending things. Of course there is always a possibility that a malfeasor will give you something without telling you, but this is the less likely scenario. What is more likely is that an unscrupulous team will find what they think is a loophole and suggest that you exploit it. In this case you should certainly take independent advice, since the downside for you if they've got it wrong is that you lose your livelihood, whereas the downside for them is only that their reputation might be very slightly diminished; since the reputation of sports team owners could hardly be lower, this isn't much of a risk.

    "Trust me, I'm a doctor" rings pretty hollow when the doctor is in the pay of somebody who has everything to gain and nothing to lose.