• I bottled out of Howdens and have just ordered from DIY Kitchens. Units and surface arriving W/C 17th Jan.

    What next?

    Need to gut the room as best I can but in a way I can still cook there over the next few months.
    Need to install a new floor (how to do this while leaving a couple of units in place (sink and oven?) Don't really care what the floor is at this stage.
    Need to install some downlights and take out the horror show lighting there at the moment (so i need an electrician)
    Need to disconnect the gas hob (so i need a gassy boi)
    Need to tidy up the walls and paint (need some motivation)
    Presume it's not that hard to add piping required for a dishwasher install and can DIY that.

    What am I forgetting? Keeping current tiles on window sills because the chances of me finding a plasterer in time to tidy up my hacking off of them (or budget for one) are slim and none.

  • There goes my weekend of PUBG.
    Cork floor tiles obvs.
    (Actually they would be quick, simple and easy).
    Also plastering small areas is dead easy.

  • I just have horror show memories of cork getting sticky and rank. We had cork walls and angled ceilings in the flat when I lived with semi retired pornographer Mike Hunt and Hiro, but that's another story.

    Tiles also sounds horrible in terms of shit getting in the cracks even with semi regular attempts at cleaning (wait til your offspring starts eating solids and you'll want a solid surface too).

    But am open to be convinced - link to good ones?

    Plastering though can fuck off.


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