• My girlfriend bought a 1 bed flat earlier in the year and she's booked in someone to do her bathroom up. I think she got fleeced by her decorator so keen to help out more on thus. She fot a couple of quotes and this seemed like the best, and he came recommended.

    I'm a bit confused by the quote and trying to help her out. The guy doing it will answer any questions regarding fittings but there's a lot of margin for error for her to order something shit by accident or something not be there in the right timeframe.

    Any tips? Any good places to order a suite from? Will be asking the guy to check everything is okay!

    I hopefully complete on my flat in the next month or so and I've got bathroom/kitchen and stuff to do so will be keeping my eye on the thread!


  • When my MIL had her bathroom done recently they managed to get away with a large hippo bag but even then you're probably not going to have anywhere to put one if it's a flat so would still need to arrage a skip permit, etc.

    Is the fitter going to just leave the waste in the flat, how easy is it going to be to get it outside?

    Will the electrics be signed off and certified?

    I'd say it's not cheap, not outrageous if they have a good reputation.

    They probably have a bit of lead time if they're decent, enough time to have alook at some bathroom suites, find out what is in stock and get it ordered. There's still plenty of stuff in stock if you're not really picky about exactly what you want.


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