• Should new hubs always be 'buttery' smooth? Do they loosen a little when run in?

    Reason I'm asking - I've just bought an XT hub (sold as 'new without packaging' on ebay from a guy who seems chilled) and it's immaculate, clearly never been built up nor had cassette anywhere near it. But I'd expect it to be a little smoother and looser i.e. it feels just a little tight and very, very slightly notchy, and the freehub just a little resistant. As my experience with new hubs is nil, just wondering if this is normal? Thanks.

  • I've often found new Shimano hubs feel a bit tight from the factory. I usually rebuild them with different grease and higher quality balls, but most people don't and you don't hear a lot of complaints about how they feel or perform once they're built into wheels.

  • Sometimes the cup and cone ones can come a little tight from the factory to be on the safe side, adjust away.

  • I was looking at how to properly adjust Shimano cup and cones after installing a new cone and according to a Youtube guy you should have a tiny bit of play that then gets taken out by the quick release.

    Is this actually documented by Shimano anywhere or is it something people have found just works?


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