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  • Thanks for the jigsaw advice. I always struggle to make a neat job with them and often end up doing lots of little cuts in then filing or chiselling them out.

    Currently still torn between one of these and ply + mdf + replaceable hardboard thin sheet. In part because it'll leave me with some useful bits of wood left over, but also price. Then again yours looks so smart.

    put a baton of wood at the back

    Long term I'm gonna do this on 3 sides as it's taking up the full width. So it'll have to be a bit short to slide into place.


  • put a baton of wood at the back

    Yeah so this is how the workbench was installed in the garage by the previous owner.
    But water had been coming through the wall and the base of the legs had all rotted. I ripped it all out with the intention of building a proper DIY workbench but obvs I still haven’t bothered my arse yet.
    I have a job needing done that I’ve been putting off until I have a vice up and running again.
    I think I’m just going to do as Hugo intends and batton three sides and slot in a kitchen worktop.