• WUT!?
    I have loads more than that, need to go hunt out that deal, last time I checked my Avios I couldn't Gert anything good.
    And my sis lives in Valencia.

    Just check, how did you find this flights? I found none from City and was only able to save 70 quid using Avios?

  • Might be worth starting another thread (and generating some humblebrag golf club gold at the same time) but read the guides on headforpoints/thepointsguy etc.
    there are websites that show peak/off peak dates as reward flights become available 355 days ahead. you have to plan ahead if you want max value from a companion voucher.
    there are also reward flight savers where you just pay avios and a fixed amount of tax which can be good value if european flights are expensive at particular times.

    we spent 114000 points and £1050 on 2 returns to Tokyo business out/Premium back, saved about £5-6k (not that i would ever pay full RRP to fly business ) the money part is all taxes.

  • That sounds super interesting, will hunt them out, thanks for the tip. I've never actually managed to get a companion voucher so far, tinnies at the crack bench and a burrito on a Friday dont add up too quick.

    Will move off points chat and +1 for new normal iPad for a regular user.


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