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  • yeah, saw that, not sure whether it would be cheaper to just get the base model M1 Max and only slightly upgrade it, than the upgraded M1 Pro one I put together..

    edit: works out to be about £500 cheaper which is mostly due to getting a smaller ssd.

  • Looking at it again, they have made the checkout/upgrade interface in a weird way.
    You can upgrade the 16" M1 Pro to have a 24 or 32 Core Max chip, but if you start by selecting the 16" M1 Max, you automatically get the 32 core with no option for the 24.

  • yeah, saw that as well, makes you think about the drop off from 32 core to 24 core? But if you're down that rabbit hole, you'd go biggest chip/most ram you can get wouldn't you.


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