• I'm sure you know, but that is the M1 Max - You can select the M1 Pro option but as you upgrade the chip it ends up the same as if you started with the Max as a base.

  • yeah, saw that, not sure whether it would be cheaper to just get the base model M1 Max and only slightly upgrade it, than the upgraded M1 Pro one I put together..

    edit: works out to be about £500 cheaper which is mostly due to getting a smaller ssd.

  • I'd go all in and max out as much as you can money wise. Adding a few £100 now might buy you another year or two of use later down the line. I bought a mid range MBP in 2015 and it lasted me 3 years, if I'd gone all in it would've prob lasted me another year or two. That model capped out at 16gb of ram though which is the bottle neck for that generation.

  • Looking at it again, they have made the checkout/upgrade interface in a weird way.
    You can upgrade the 16" M1 Pro to have a 24 or 32 Core Max chip, but if you start by selecting the 16" M1 Max, you automatically get the 32 core with no option for the 24.